Hourly Rates

​25 hours       $387.50 ($15.50/hr)

40 hours       $620      ($15.50/hr)

50 hours       $775      ($15.50/hr)

100 hours     $1,450   ($14.50/hr)

200 hours     $2,700   ($13.50/hr)

300 hours     $4,050   (13.50/hr)

500 hours     $5,750   (11.50/hr)   

Teacher Training

200 RYT Program

500 RYT Program

Purity is found close to the source

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  5. Practice practice practice is the most important thing you can do to prepare for training

  • 200 RYT(200 hours Hatha or any other 200 RYT)
  • 200 hours Ashtanga(primary series Ashtanga)
  • 100 hours Advanced Hatha (84 postures in the style of Bishnu Ghosh ) OR 100 Hours Vipassana Meditation (at Select Vipassana meditation center)
(((at Select Vipassana meditation center)

This is the most comprehensive 500 hour training in the West. It is rare to study the two lineages that are most common in Western Culture. We are not blending the two together, or diluting it. Instead, we are maintaining the essence of the two systems, while respecting and honoring the brilliant  teachers and scholars that have come before us. All the dots will begin to connect when you see the history of western yoga unfold, through these scientifically designed methods side-by-side.  This path is for someone who is interested in an advanced training curriculum, directly from the source of both lineages.  

When the energy is gone,  come back to the source!