Purity is found close to the source

​​Hot Spot yoga school

Stephanie Howard, founder Yoga Hot Spot studios and Director Hot Spot Yoga School

"I found Yoga in 2009 when I was weak, tired, and in pain. By the time I was 30 my spine was beginning to compress, primarily in my lower back but also in my neck. I became a regular with PT, chiropractor, and the pain clinic with injections into my spine to control the pain. When I finally got the news there was no hope, I was destined for surgery, my competitive nature kicked in and I decided to FIGHT. After much research and prayer...I was off to Yoga School, where I believed I could heal my crumbling spine. It wasn't easy at first, but it was different than the usual debilitating pain.  After 2 weeks, I started to feel strength in my back and core, I had never felt before. That was only the beginning of my journey to healing. Yoga has changed my life. I am now pain free. Teaching yoga and training new teachers is my passion ...it has replaced my "need for speed", and it has led me to YOU"

"I have learned from Manju Jois,Carlo Giorno, Tim Miller, and Kino McGregor, David Williams, Andre Lappa, Edward Clark, Ali Valdez and many other wonderful teachers who have gone before me.  I am committed to passing on the lineage with integrity"